Jason Noble for Michigan State Senate

Meet Jason Noble

I was born into a working class family and when I was one year old my father was taken from us by a car accident. My mother and I survived because of her determination, work ethic and the help we were able to receive because of systems in place for just this purpose. I grew up the only child of a single working parent until I was a teenager. I went to Harper Creek Community Schools graduating in 2003.

As a young adult I went to Kellogg Community College and used the opportunity of affordable college to find a purpose, learn more about who I wanted to be. I graduated in 2007 with my Associate's Degree. At this time I started studying at Cornerstone University and also substitute teaching. I have been a substitute teacher a few different times and have taught in nearly every district in Calhoun and Barry Counties.

Most of my life has been spent in teaching in various ways and serving people in various ways. Whether through employment or volunteering my aim has always been to help other people learn what I know so they can learn for themselves. Nothing (besides family) makes me happier than seeing someone learn something from me and then use that knowledge themselves. More than knowing my history I want you, my fellow Michiganders, to know I am committed to learning, discussion and finding solutions to our problems. I am committed to make votes, promote legislation and propose ideas in the State Senate that will help us grow as a State, as individuals and make it possible for anyone to better the lives of their family. I am committed to seeing a living wage and skilled labor competition which will cause the middle class to grow. Which will allow Michiganders to go to school, learn a new trade and grow their opportunities. Thank you, Jason Noble Candidate for State Senate
What's Next?

  • Today is the 2018 Primary Election Day, though you likely already knew that.  It bears repeating, however, for those who may have forgotten or who may have just registered to vote.  If you’re new to this process, don’t know how to correctly mark a Michigan ballot, or need help finding your polling place, the State of Michigan has a comprehensive database containing all relevant voter information.  Before you go to the polls, be sure to verify your voting location – this site can … read more

  • Make no bones about it, the drawing of voting district boundaries for political advantage is among the most nakedly corrupt tactics that too many in our government seem to be entirely okay with.  They’ll argue that it’s a way to ensure that representation remains ‘fair and even’ in our governance, or that it somehow allows for accurate representation in Congress by way of population and census data.  Ask yourself this – how fair is it really for politicians to draw … read more

  • We’ve all heard the phrase “common sense” appended to hot-button issues.  Everything from gun control, financial management, taxes, and health-care have been retrofitted in the public forum with the addition of “common sense” in a ham-fisted attempt to quell genuine discourse and debate between all parties at the table.  Is it actually commonly sensible to allow one person or party to project their voice over the other opinions of others?  Of course not. Too often, these so-called “common sense” reforms … read more

  • Michigan’s DEQ (our EPA) determined there is or likely is PFAS in thousands of water supplies statewide. In one state? Republicans continue their drive to deregulate and Michiganders suffer. Look, we can talk what good regulations are all day but in the end deregulation is just setting up winners and losers. It’s making companies profits while costing us our health, money to clean up and resources that give us tourism and places to live, work and play. This water crisis … read more